The Alcove | Griffith Park, Los Angeles

If you are a Los Angeles citizen and haven't been to the Alcove...then shame on you! :P It's really just a cute restaurant that's nestled in the heart of Los Feliz and down the road from Griffith Park. Brunch in LA is a must for visitors and natives alike. The Alcove is the ultimate place for brunch but is still highly recommended for any meal of the day, imho. Their menu is HUGE, and very Californian. I think I spent a good 20 minutes once looking through all their options and probably narrowed it down to my top 3. Everything here is consistently delicious, including their eggs benedict, crab cake sandwich, and all their decadent desserts. The ambiance is what makes it super fun to dine at the Alcove. It seems like a small craftsman home that was renovated into a restaurant. They have these beautiful dark hardwood floors and lots of windows to bring in natural light. The outdoor patio seating area is actually their main dining area with tons of seating and cute eclectic tables and chairs. Let me know the next time you go, because I might join you... :)