Arboretum Arcadia | Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

The Arboretum Gardens in Arcadia is an amazing little gem tucked away in the San Gabriel Valley. When my clients ask me to photograph them there, I let out a little squeal and do a little the privacy of my own home of course. But seriously, this gorgeous botanical garden cannot be missed if you live in Los Angeles County. The peacocks, exotic plants, mini waterfall, and Victorian architecture are just some of the beautiful things featured at the Arboretum. I never cease to find a new spot to photograph. I had the absolutely pleasure of photographing this sweet couple's engagement session there, and I managed to find two new areas that I had never come across before in the, oh, ten times that I've visited. The light there is soooo soft and diffused and makes these film images look like fine art. It reminds me a lot of when I did the Jose Villa workshop a few years ago, and the dreamy pastel colors that came out of the mountains of Santa Ynez. This image really signifies what I strive to do in my work...make it soft, airy, and ethereal, like so many of my favorite film photographers in the world. More engagement photos to come, but here is a lone one that makes my heart sing.  Can't wait for their wedding at the Crossline Church in Laguna, Irvine OC coming up this weekend!