Los Verdes Golf Club Wedding | Rancho Palos Verdes Photographer

This was an absolutely cloudy and overcast day, with heavy rain in the morning that made everyone just apprehensive and worried about what would happen during the ceremony. Well, this is an instance where no one can deny that prayer WORKS! We prayed like crazy for the rain to stop and...it did! As professional photographers, we work the light to our advantage no matter the situation we're in. That's what separates us from the amateurs. I am pleased to say that all these photos came out gorgeous because, well, the bride & groom or beautiful inside and out of course. There's nothing that can hold back the joy and beauty of a wedding day. This one at the Los Verdes Golf Club was no different. I secretly love overcast wedding days because they offer the most even lighting, and you don't get harsh shadows during the noon hours as you would with bright, sunny days. The Bride was a stunner in her intricate white lace dress and lonngggg cathedral veil that just swept from side to side as she walked. The bridesmaid dresses were incredibly chic and I just fell in love with that taupe color which looked so delicate against the green grass. This wedding was really elegant and sophisticated, and the bride & groom were the sweetest couple a photographer could ask for. Enjoy these previews!