As I promised in my last post, photos of this pretty portrait session are now here! It was such a wacky day of weather with the sun fading in and out of the clouds. We could also see an impending storm drifting toward us in the distance. Even though I'm now spoiled by always perfect SoCal weather, I'll never forget growing up in the land of four seasons (north carolina) where hurricanes never stopped anyone from driving to the grocery store, or going out to walk their dog. So, when the rain was fast approaching and possibly about to ruin our photo session, I did not panic. I simply made sure we maximized our time while the weather was still great, albeit overcast and temperamental. In fact, our photos turned out rather beautifully thanks to a beautiful couple and an amazing sky. We were so blessed that the rain came much later! It was a perfect day photographing the rare cherry blossoms in the San Fernando Valley. 

Melody & Chung | Engagement

I love photographing toward sunset because of the way the sun is lower in the sky, while it bounces off the earth, reflecting back into a softly diffused, warm light. Engagement sessions are such a unique time between the photographer and their couple, too. We get to know each other a little better, and it also helps my clients ease into being in front of the camera. Even when my couples are very outgoing and extroverted, sometimes they freeze up when it comes to getting their picture taken, because it's probably their first experience with professional photography. So from the engagement session, I guide them through a process where I help them relax in front of the camera, and give them an idea of how I will be shooting on their wedding day. That way, my couples know exactly what to expect and by the time wedding day rolls around, they'll be entirely comfortable smiling and kissing for me! 

Chung and I go way back, back to the days when I first moved to LA and attended Evergreen Church in San Gabriel. He has always been supportive of my photography endeavors, so it was so special when he asked if I would do his engagement session. Of course! It was a pleasure meeting his fiancee (and now wife - congrats guys!), Melody, whom I adore because she's not only sweet and funny, but also an architect! My dream job! Haha. Thanks for letting me document this lovely time in your life!